Game of Zones is being brought to you by a dedicated trio of core contributors to Cosmos with a wide range of skills and experience. We take pride in the work that we’ve done together to bring the Cosmos Network to life, and we look forward launching Interblockchain Communication in 2020.

Zaki Manian

Co-founder of iqlusion, wearer of many hats in the blockspace

Zaki advises and supports numerous blockchain projects, and fearlessly enabled the launch of the Cosmos Hub. He recently left All in Bits to finish the remaining work on IBC with community contributors from Agoric, Interchain Berlin, Informal, and other new entities.

Twitter: @zmanian

Jack Zampolin

Indefatiguable product leader, aficionado of bowties

Jack is a product strategist and developer relations advisor to several Proof-of-Stake blockchain projects. Fresh off of shipping the Cosmos Hub, Jack is currently focused on realizing IBC and advancing projects in the Cosmos ecosystem. When he isn’t chaining blocks, he can be found reading, biking, or cooking up meals worthy of a Michelin star.

Twitter: jack_zampolin

Jessy Irwin

Human-centric security leader, proudest dog mom ever

Jessy protects people from blockchains, and blockchains from people. Throughout the past decade, she has made significant contributions to security as a strategic advisor, an executive, and former Security Empress at 1Password. Jessy is a prolific speaker and writer who believes that people should not have to become experts in technology, security or privacy to be safe online.

Twitter: jessysaurusrex