4 Things Every Team Must Do by 4/30 for Game of Zones Launch

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had an overwhelming response to the call for registrations for Game of Zones– by far, this will be the largest competition ever held in the Cosmos universe. To ensure a smooth start to the challenge, we are asking each team to complete these four important tasks no later than April 30th.

1)  Check your inbox for an email from the Game of Zones team and confirm that your team’s registration information is correct.

We’ve sent out the first batch of emails to confirm the information we’ve gathered from each team, and the second batch will go out within the next few hours. If you would like to change anything in your registration info, please contact us on or before 4/30 — the earlier, the better! This is especially important if you want to change your chain_ID, or if you need to update the Cosmos address you will be using for the official Game of Zones testnet. 

2) Submit a pull request to the official Game of Zones Github repo in the contestant_info folder with your Team Name and IPC endpoint in the title.

Each team must share an RPC endpoint with the GoZ team to be included in the official Game of Zones scoreboard and to be eligible for rewards. Providing these endpoints will also enable third party network visualizers to have deeper visibility into the competition. 

3) Whitelist the IP addresses in your confirmation email for Tendermint RPC port 26657 to ensure that your team’s participation makes it onto the GoZ scoreboard.

Each team must whitelist these IP addresses to ensure that their participation is tracked, scored, and assessed with accuracy. The Game of Zones team will be subscribing to the Tendermint websocket, and pulling down every transaction on your chain throughout the competition.

4) Mark your calendar with these important competition dates, and join us each week (if you can!)  to learn more about what’s next in Game of Zones.

At launch, we will be giving teams a couple of days to join the competition testnet and to fine-tune their setups before the competition gets into full gear on Monday, May 5th. And throughout the competition, we will be measuring participation from Monday through Friday — this will give participating teams a chance to devise new attacks, build new tools, write blog posts about best practices and Proof-of-Concepts for novel ideas and attacks, or take a much-needed break to prepare for the week ahead. 

  • GoZ Opening Ceremonies are on 5/1 at 9am PST— join us and a few special guests on Twitch!
  • Phase 1 begins at 12am PST on 5/4 to 11:59am PST on 5/8, and the P1 Live Stream recap will be on 5/8 at 12pm PST.
  • Phase 2 begins at 12am PST on 5/11 to 11:59PM PST on 5/15, and the P2 Live Stream recap will be on 5/15 at 12pm PST.
  • Phase 3 begins at 12am PST on 5/18 to 11:59pm PST on 5/22, and the P3 Live Stream recap will be on 5/22 at 12pm PST
  • Closing Ceremonies will be on 5/28 at 9am PST.

To ensure your team’s participation and eligibility to win the competition, you must complete the action items above no later than 4/30. Any delay in updating your team info, submitting a PR to the official GoZ Github repo, or in whitelisting the IP addresses for the scoreboard may negatively impact your team’s performance in the first phase of Game of Zones. And of course, If you have any questions, please contact us at gameofzones@cosmosnetwork.dev