Announcing the Phase 2 Winner of Game of Zones

Since the end of Phase 2 of Game of Zones, the GoZ team has been busy crunching endless gigabytes of performance data in order to name a winner.

During Phase 2 of the competition, the goal was to challenge teams to push the hub’s throughput capabilities to the limit, and beyond. We set this goal to ensure that network operators would become more familiar with how to achieve high throughput on an IBC-ready hub, and to test which teams would build the best automation to keep the network moving along.

As expected, the hub reached full capacity at the beginning of the phase, and as expected, a large volume of transactions plus an oversubscribed mempool slowed the network to a crawl. Throughout this period of network instability, several teams delivered a strong performance because they were quickly able to adapt and respond to adverse network conditions. 

The winner of Phase 2 of GoZ is Sentinel, who will receive 6,250 ATOM for their outstanding performance in the second phase of the competition. Competition between Sentinel, Source, Stakefish, Persistence, and the Ozone team was fierce, and the end result was close:

Team:Sentinel, Total Phase 2 Score 21266
Team:ozone, Total Phase 2 Score 19092

Scoring for Phase 2 used data collected by Sagan, and the data for the phase can be found here, here, here, and here

cargo run --release -- -c config.toml  start ~/ ~/ ~/events.ozone.log ~/events.persistence.log

The most important goal of Game of Zones is to prepare network operators for the entirely new set of abstractions that will come when IBC is production ready.  It has been incredible to see participants and the overall community rise to this challenge, and to watch teams become experts in automation and throughput during this part of the challenge. Congratulations to everyone who successfully completed Phase 2 of Game of Zones!