An Update on Phase 1 of Game of Zones

Over the weekend, the Game of Zones and Iqlusion teams have debugged and resolved several issues that impacted the launch of the Game of Zones Hub.  Though we were able to get the Hub up and  running over the weekend,  the hub did not achieve the necessary 24 hours of stability required to start Phase 1 of the competition. As a result, we will be pushing back the start time for Phase 1 of Game of Zones to Wednesday, May 5th.

  • At present, we are working towards resolving this issue discovered by Yelong from the IRISnet team.
    • We expect this bug to take about a business day to resolve, and we are aiming to cut a release with a fix for this issue on or before Tuesday, May 5th.
  • In order to launch the competition, the hub will need to achieve 24 hours of testnet stability.  
    • If a release is cut on or before Tuesday, the earliest that Phase 1 of Game of Zones could launch is Wednesday, May 6th.
  • The Game of Zones scoreboard will be shared with participants on the first official day of the competition. 
    • The scoreboard will be available to participants within a few hours of the official starting time.
  • Phase 1 will likely run on an abbreviated schedule that begins on May 6th and ends on May 10th. 
    • The schedule may be amended to provide a short break between Phases 1 and 2.

The contributions from the community towards resolving issues with the Hub were incredible, and we are looking forward to launching the competition as quickly as we can.Though Game of Zones will start a couple of days later than projected, it’s been our priority to achieve an initial period of stability before Phases 2 and 3 kick off. Later this week, we’ll provide technical details of the issues that impacted Hub launch.

Throughout Monday and Tuesday, we will provide updates on our progress and communicate an official starting time through our official communications channels and we will send an official communication with the new starting time to all participants. To ensure that you’re receiving the most up to date information, follow us on Twitter and be sure to watch the Github repos for the competition.