3 Must Read Updates about Phase 1 and Phase 2 of Game of Zones

Phase 1 of Game of Zones is almost over, and in this week’s live stream we covered several important updates about scoring, judging, and the overall competition. 

Phase 1 Scoring

Per the Competition Scope that was updated earlier this week, Phase 1 ends at 11:59am PST on 5/10. 

Since standing up the scoreboard on Wednesday, we have collected an immense amount of queryable data about the GoZ Hub. The Datadog dashboards we have shared with the community have a live representation of data to represent activity on the network, and a dataset that will be regenerated to score and judge the first phase of the competition. As the competition continues, the dataset representing Hub activity will continue to improve as gaps in the data are filled in.

  • In most cases, team performance is accurately reflected in the datasets we have shared with the community.
  • Some teams who have not been visible in the dataset are now visible because of changes we are able to make to the Datadog backend. 
  • Several teams are visible in the data, but we are unable to credit their performance because the data does not match the Relayer keys and Chain IDs shared during registration. 

If your team’s performance is not registering on the scoreboard, please send us an email at gameofzones@cosmosnetwork.dev confirming your Chain ID and Cosmos address (aka Relayer key). Once we have analyzed the data, we will be announcing the winner of Phase 1 before the end of next week. 

Phase 2 Scoring + Judging Updates

Phase 2 of Game of Zones will begin Monday, May 11th at 12am PST // 7am UTC. 

The main goal of the second phase of Game of Zones is to focus on throughput, and the winning team will be the team that relays the most packets on the GoZ Hub. In terms of scoring, 

  • Packets relayed to the hub by your relayer key are the most important metric to judge winning. If we were using a point system for scoring, these packets would be worth 1 point.
  • Packets relayed from the hub are the second most important metric for the week. If we were scoring these packets using a point system, they would be worth 0.5 points. 
  • Packets relayed among other chains are less important to your team’s performance than the first two metrics mentioned above. If we were using a point system for scoring, these packets would be worth 0.1 points.

From a judging perspective, we will only be able to count packets relayed with the Relayer key that was given to us during registration. For Phase 2:

  • All teams should append -2 to their chain ID for Phase 2 of the competition. This will help us work through the immense amount of data we expect to analyze to choose a winner, and will ensure that there is no delay in announcing a winner. 
  • Throughout the competition, we expect participants to respond to network issues to ensure the stability of the GoZ Hub. Given current issues with RPC, we recommend that all teams run a full node as increasing the number of operational sentry nodes will help improve overall stability.
  • If your team is relaying packets with a different address than the one that was shared with us for registration, we will be unable to see or count your performance for the week. 
    • To confirm your Relayer key, aka the Cosmos address for the GoZ testnet, you can search your team’s inbox for the GoZ Confirmation email sent on 4/27.
    • If your team changed your Cosmos address before 5/1, double check the address that you provided the GoZ team. 

Standing up GoZ Hub 2

Over the next day, we will begin launching the next version of the GoZ hub in preparation for Phase 2. We expect that the hub will be active before scoring for Phase 2 begins, judging and scoring timelines may be adjusted if technical issues arise.

GoZ Hub 2 will run on: 

  • Cosmos SDK v0.34.4-0.20200507135526-b3cada10017d 
  • Gaia v0.0.1-0.20200507172327-bde5e9c00325 m
  • And the latest version of the Relayer available here.

The GoZ team is looking forward to another exciting week of competition, and will be working to open source all of the competition data as quickly as we can. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest news about the competition, and join us for next week’s Live Stream on Friday at 12am PST// 7pm UTC on Twitch