Improving Network and Software Stability for a better Game of Zones

Throughout Phase 1 of Game of Zones, we saw many teams demonstrate extraordinary skill by finding clever strategies for working around network and software instability. These skills have been resilient against aborted upgrades, potential transaction spam attacks and the other adversities of running decentralized systems. Unfortunately, our best laid plans for Phase 1 did not come to fruition, and several technical issues made it difficult to achieve the necessary network stability that the competition requires. In light of this, and considering the feedback we have received from the community, Phase 2 launch will be postponed to address these issues. On Wednesday, the Game of Zones Team will publish a new timeline for the remaining phases of the competition and the stable versions of software for the remainder of the competition. 

Improving Network Stability 

One of our most important priorities moving forward in the competition is providing stability to the network and the software that it runs on. To that end, we will not be releasing new versions of software and standing up a new Hub during the remaining weeks of the competition. All upcoming phases of Game of Zones will run on the same version of software, and moving forward, we will not need to change this policy unless bug fixes are required.

Launching a Stable GoZ Hub

To give all participants the opportunity to compete in a stable hub environment, we will be relaunching Phase 1 of the competition in the coming days. In terms of scoring, we will use the data from the original Phase 1 and the data from Phase 1b to ensure that all teams eligible for the GoZ Liveness Reward receive it, and that no team’s contributions are overlooked or forgotten. 

We will rerun Phase 1b of the challenge on a more reliable network. To ensure network stability during this phase, we will be limiting the amount of tokens allocated to each team. This adjustment will alleviate some of the load on the network by reducing the risk of network saturation due to high transaction volume.

During Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the competition, we expect that the network will be at capacity. It is highly likely that the network conditions that surfaced in the last week will return once teams have a large number of tokens, and participants should be prepared to handle and respond to this class of issues as they arise.

We would like to thank everyone who has participated in Phase 1 of Game of Zones for their time, effort, and dedication to the competition, it has gone a long way toward ensuring a stable IBC. Additionally, we want to thank the Interchain Berlin team for their quick turn around on the issues we have encountered. We look forward to seeing a root cause analysis for technical issues that impacted the launch of Phase 2 in the near future.